Sponsorointi ja tapahtumamarkkinointi ry (Sjtm)is an association that emphasizes the productivity and know-how of sponsoring and event marketing in Finland.
Since 2015 Sjtm has awarded the acknowledgment of ”Vuoden Sponsorointiteko” which is given to the most remarkable cooperation action in sponsoring.

STUDIO smoo was honored to design the trophy for this desired title. The trophy represents the core activity of the Sjtm and the annual prize. The three different materials used in the trophy stands for the corner stones of the sponsoring agents: the brand, the license owners and the experts. The agents are surrounded by the audience as in the trophy the parts are rounded up by the brass ring.


If you are looking for custom made trophy or something tailor-made just for your company feel free to contact Smoo.

Photos: Mari Hietala and Veikkaus