Curious. Honest. Rooty.


Just like its’ name STUDIO smoo is a small design studio based in Helsinki, Finland. The name Smoo is derived from the Swedish word små which means small in plural. There are many things that are small in Smoo, starting with the petite designer Marianne Huotari, Master of Arts graduate in Aalto University. Smoo’s ideas, however, are nothing but small!


Smoo focuses on product design and development as well as visual consulting, and is built on providing future heritage: considered design which lasts. Smoo’s services will take you from the initial product and concept design to very last polished detailing of the finished piece. Smoo offers profound knowledge of materials and their character, and applies it on every piece created.
Smoo also produces minimalistic jewellery sold in selected stores.


How to pronounce Smoo? It is very simple. Just say small, but drop the Ls.

| smɔː|


Smoo things matter.